“Beyond Citronella: Exploring Mosquito Rackets and Traps for Outdoor Comfort”

Manual mosquito repellents mode: Slide the side switch to ON-1 and long press the golden button to make it active and manually swing the mosquito racket to trap the mosquitoes. Once the button is released,it becomes inactive. Intelligent mosquito repellents mode: Slide the side switch to ON-2 and place on the charging base.The mosquito racket, detects darkness and automatically switches on the UV light, attracting mosquitoes towards it.
In the intelligent mosquito repellent mode, when you slide the side switch to ON-2 and place on the charging base, it activates the intelligent light control.This feature only works at night or in lightless areas because the sensor button detects the darkness and automatically activates the built-in, UV light. The light attracts the mosquitoes towards the mosquito killer lamp and eliminates them on the spot.So free your hands and have a good night’s sleep.

Electric mosquito racket with rechargeable battery and intelligent light control.

The mosquito killer lamp is designed with a 3-layer power grid. In order to prevent the mishap of getting electric shocks, the front and backside of this mosquito killer lamp are lined with two layers of insulation nets and a middle dense power grid, of a low current voltage. It is a safe range for the human body, but a strong voltage against mosquitoes. There is also a small, lightning symbol on the handle which lights up red during the active repellant mode.

Rechargeable & Multifunctional Charging Port

This electric mosquito bat rechargeable is equipped with a 1200 mAh large-capacity lithium battery (with charging cable), which can be charged with the help of a power bank or a computer. The mosquito bat is rechargeable with a USB charging base that enables fast charging.There are also dot-lights along the handle which indicates the battery charge status.

Safe, Durable & Environmentally friendly

This mosquito raquette is free of chemical emission and is ultra-safe for children. Made of high-quality materials, the mosquito raquette is durable and reusable for a long time.

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